Baby and Me are soon to be Yogis

Most Tuesday mornings Jameson and I wake up and get ready for our Baby and Me Yoga class, hosted by Nurture. Leslie Lytle is the instructor, and boy is she amazing! She is very warm, welcoming, and helpful. She creates an inviting atmosphere that makes you excited about yoga, even if some parts of the class are a bit challenging. I have met some wonderful moms, younger and older than myself. Some are first time moms and others are veteran moms. I have a new-found passion for yoga and will continue to practice.

I started attending yoga classes with Nurture during my third trimester. Nuture’s Prenatal Yoga was amazing! I mean there are muscles, joints, and ligaments I didn’t even know existed until I became pregnant and  trying to figure out how to stretch without hurting Jameson was scary. I had pelvic pain and round ligament pain really bad throughout my entire pregnancy. I had never practiced yoga before but my inexperience didn’t hinder me. Actually it helped me become limber and gave me lots of energy! Even though class was once a week, I used what I learned throughout the course of the day. I would practice at home each morning and night. I highly recommend taking a prenatal yoga class, after consulting with your physician of course! 😉

Since I’m not pregnant anymore Jameson and I attend the Baby and Me class. We started going when Jameson was about 8 weeks old. The oldest baby in our class is 10 months. And I just have to add that 2013 was definitely the year of the boy, because there are only two girls in our class of 8. I really like this class because we get to talk about our babies milestones and how crummy we feel after lack of sleep. We share our labor and delivery stories and talk about the hospitals where we delivered. Some of the moms had doulas and midwives so they talk about how those women helped them through their pregnancy and delivery. We also talk about new medical studies that have come out. If we have any ailments like back pain or shoulder pain we share that and Leslie incorporate stretches and poses that alleviates the pain.

The classes are so much fun, and even though I was a little shy at first. I now find myself talking to some of the moms after class and getting to know them. We are supportive of each other. Which, you almost wonder how that’s possible with all the mommy wars out there. Some of the moms in class breastfeed and others use formula. We have some that use cloth diapers and others that use disposable diapers. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and we are all respectful of the decisions each mom makes.

What I love most about Nurture are the relaxed classes. Right now the classes are by donation and you don’t have to register for class. You just attend class when you are able. The suggested donation is $10. Nurture is an emerging nonprofit organization with the hopes of developing a maternity resource center. There are more people involved with Nuture other than Leslie, but if they are anything like her I know this organization will become a huge resource to moms in the Richmond area. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I move back to Colorado Springs. I hope I find a yoga practice as warm and welcoming as Nuture.

If you live in the Richmond, Virginia area and you are interested in attending a Prenatal or Baby and Me yoga class check out Nuture on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! I hope to see you in class! =)

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